Tuesday 2 February 2016

Uniko Guest Stamp Designer...


I'm back this evening to continue the festivities for Uniko's 4th Birthday and I thought I would try something a little different...

How would one of YOU like to be a Uniko Guest Stamp Designer? 

The randomly selected winner from those who enter will be able to work alongside me 'virtually', share their concept and bring to life a 'dream' stamp set. 

If you are not confident at drawing or using design software, don't worry, I can handle that side of things. Just a rough sketch or ideas of what you would like to see contained in the set is all I need to be able to bring your 'dream' to life! 

The stamp set designed will be released later in 2016. The winner will receive one of the stamp sets and will be involved with the release festivities of the month the set is released in. 

This is a FABulous opportunity & I look forward to working with the winner on this amazing project! 

There are 2 ways to be in the chance of winning this fabulous experience and opportunity...

1. Simply add your name to the linky below. 

2. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what kinds of stamps you are hoping to see at Uniko in 2016. 

*please, just one link and comment per person. Multiple links and comments will be discounted. 
Open internationally and to past and present Uniko Design Team members*

The winner will be randomly selected and announced before the release on Thursday 11th February at 8am GMT.

That's all from me today, but I'll be continuing the celebrations tomorrow with more to share. Until then, THANK YOU for everything.


  1. i woullove to see my Cheeky cats as a stamp(set) cos they're also adorable and i love everything Kitty like many crafter's, what a great idea btw

  2. I've linked to something drawn myself and have ideas to accompany him and drawings of slightly different owls. X

  3. This is a great celebration! It would be great to see cute stamps about summer!! Congrats!

  4. This is such an awesome idea! I've always wanted to design my own stamps. Perhaps some neat silhouette leaves and berry branches or some cool summer images like an adorindak chair, sand dunes, sea life. Thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  5. What a fabulous opportunity, Bev ... how exciting! I'd love to see some whimsical images with fun sentiments! Hugs, Anita :)

  6. It would be nice to see small quotes to go along with everyday sentiments, and designs...there aren't many of those inspirational sentiments around.

  7. ooh this is fun! I have a number of ideas for stamps as you know from my little ideas earlier last year but if I win would rather discuss them with you!!

  8. My very favourite stamping theme is butterflies, so naturally I would love to see them featuring on Uniko stamps, and also I'm always on the lookout for music themed stamps

  9. Oh my god, Berverley, that would be so cool! Oh, my own stamp set, how would it look like? For sure something that one can use nicely for paper piecing. Maybe some goofy creatures or some doodly flowers.
    Looking forward to seeing this stamp set, whoever designs it with you :)
    Hugs from stempelfrida

  10. Great opportunity Bev! I would like to see more whimsical floral design with everyday sentiments!

  11. Very happy 4th birthday to your amazing company, you truly deserve it, your fabulous stamps are second to none! Cute chickens? My sister has 3 utterly gorgeous real chickens that are so full of fabulous character, love 'em to bits!

  12. How cool (and awesome) is this opportunity, Beverley! I have my thinking cap on and some ideas brewing already.

    1. edited to add my ideas: dog stamps, seashore stamps with inspirational and everyday sentiments in assorted fonts, "girlfriend" themed stamps

  13. This is so cool! I'd love to see floral images ... I do have a soft spot for them

  14. How cool is that?!!! I love geometric things and funny animals.

  15. Hello Bev! This is a really awesome opportunity you have for all of us here in the crafting community. I think "henna themed designs with hand written calligraphic sentiments" would be a great addition to the existing stamps at Uniko

  16. Wow, such an exciting opportunity Bev! Florals and geometric are my passion - there are some flowers that I think need the Bev touch!

  17. Bev, you are offering a most wonderful opportunity to a talented 'someone' (not me, which is why I'm leaving a comment only...couldn't draw if you paid me! Even my stick people look ridiculous!). Truly generous; exponentially exciting. I'll be looking forward to seeing who the lucky person will be. As for stamps I'd like to see: big, heart-warming, encouraging sentiments, and little images to pair them with (little sketchy butterflies would make me smile....).

  18. What a great idea Bev! I've been dreaming of doing something like this for awhile ;)
    Here are my ideas:
    I would love to see a kids themed birthday set. I know we will have many birthday parties to attend in the future, so a go-to set for kids bdays would be so awesome! Animals (unicorn, pony, cat for girls....frog, zebra, lion for boys), party hats, balloons, cake, cupcake with sparklers, streamers, confetti, etc. Include a train car where you can stamp different animals inside...the possibilities are endless! The Classic Numbers set would go great with it to include the age. :D

    Any geometric themed set is always appealing!

    I've always wanted a Graduation set. Several images and several sentiments and inspirational quotes would be great!

    Any watercolor type images would be popular.

    I will keep brainstorming more ideas...

    Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful opportunity!!

    Nicki - DT

  19. This is such an amazing opportunity Bev, how lucky will the winner be!! I would love some animals, maybe cats or dogs and geometric is always wonderful to me!!

  20. This sounds like Loads Of Fun!! What a wonderful opportunity. I'm brimming with ideas Bev! X

  21. I just love Uniko designs, and now that I've read your connection to Marimekko I love it even more! I have a Masters in Visual Communication and have studied a lot of art and symbolism, and I LOVE Marimekko too! I just love your layered flowers, and would love to see more of them, and a lot more stand alone dies too. I'd like to see beautiful seasonal flowers, tulips of course, and vining leaves and berries, even fruit and pumpkins in autumn! Congratulations on 4 great years!
    Take Care!

  22. Wow! What a great opportunity this would be! Congratulations on 4 years! That's a great milestone! I love stamps with animals and stamps with puns. I have a hedgehog as a pet and always enjoy seeing hedgehog-themed stamps!

  23. I love uniko stamps and this would be an amazing opportunity to design a stamps that are either whimsical or geometrical,I have other ideas buzzing round in my head. Congratulations on 4 years Bev its a great milestone for you!

  24. I would love to see at Uniko in 2016 summer and funny Happy Birthday themed stamps. Thank you for this amazing chance!


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