Thursday, 13 June 2019

DT-Inspiration - Stencil with a simple kind of airbrush

Hello, Wiebke here with a new DT-Inspiration Post.

Like always, I used a stencil to create my card.

For this card I got a bit of inspiration from my kids. ...

Do you know a kids crafting stuff called BlowPen?

We got them a while ago. In the box were special markers with a blowing lid, some paper stencils and lots of colourful chaos and fun!

I have no airbrush system.
But something similar (please don't hit me for this comparison if you are a airbrush-lover!): The Spritzer Tool from Tim Holtz! It's also a kind of an easy "airbrush" system, like the kids pens.

My idea was to use this tool with one of my stencils to get similar effects like the kids with their BlowPens. (I'm not sure what kind of ink is in these pens, cause it's just a kids crafting and gaming stuff. but I will try them and then see how much light and time resitance the ink has.)

The most important thing with the spritzer tool is to have good moistured markers! I used my Distress Ink Markers and gave every Marker one or two drops of the Distress Refresher directly on the nibs and let it soak in for some minutes. 

It's so much easier to get the colour mist out of the pencils with this liquid helper!

I started to spray the big "Pure Florals - Chrysanthemum" stencil with shades of yellow, followed with oranges and reds.
When you use a delicate stencil like this big flower, be careful to spritz from above, not from the side to avoid spritzers beneath the stencil.
When I was happy with the colour gradients I used a lightly dump pencil and watercoloured a bit to get a smooth blending.

To finish the card I stamped my sentiment out of the "Birthday Sentiments" Set on another piece of white cardstock and gut in "in shape", used corner jumpers to get nice round shapes and adhered it onto the Chrysantemum.

For the background of my panel I used a simple way: a fabric tape in two fitting colours with a gap between the stripes (in the size of the "Wishes" sentiment). The fabric has a nice haptic texture and is a great possibility to get some extra interest into a mainly CAS design.

To finish the floral layer with some round clear epoxy shapes.

I hope you got an inspiration to get some "fresh air" into your crafty space! - Let's sprinkle!

Hugs & Greetings from Wiebke


  1. What a great effect. Love the colours you chose too.

  2. Great tips, many thanks for sharing. I have printed and will stick on the wall! I like this blog. Airbrush Texture Stencils


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