Friday, 27 June 2014

YAY for Friday!

Hey & Happy Friday!

How on earth did we get to Friday?! Two days without blogging & creating a card, I'm in withdrawal! It's been one CrAzY busy but exciting week here at the Brown house. With my last post I mentioned the new windows and French doors & a trip to the hospital for another scan. 

Well, the windows and doors have been fitted and look FAB without any hiccups, just A LOT of dust!  I left for my scan on the morning & left via my MIL house as she comes with me to keep me company. I got there and needed the loo so turned the car off and went inside. Came back out and the car decided it wouldn't start - great! Luckily MIL has a car so off we went to the hospital. 

The beans were playing silly billies and laying awkwardly which made life hard for the sonographer to determine which was which and get all her measurements. From that one had put on weight but not as much as the other, so I am back again next week just to make sure all is OK. Hopefully they'll be good so they can get a better look at things. 

We came back after the appointment and my FIL looked at the car and it wasn't going anywhere, the starter motor has gone, luckily hubby had been out at the weekend to test drive cars and had decided on one and bought it & my FIL was picking it up yesterday, so I've only been without a car for a day.

As you can imagine yesterday was full of excitement as the new car AKA 'beanmobile' arrived! Off I went to run a few errands that had accumulated in one day and test the new beauty out and I am very impressed with hubby's choice...

One of my errands was to pick up a box of inky goodness that had been waiting at the parcel depot. I treated myself to the whole WPlus9 Dye Ink Collection and I've had a little play this morning in-between orders to create this super CAS card...

I've used 3 of the 15 colours, Ocean Drive, Sweet Gelato & Wild Mango. I also used the current CAS(E) this Sketch! HERE and seen below for the layout of my card. 

I did add a little glitter to jazz it up a bit...

That's all from me today, I've a few more orders to pack :) It's 50% Friday here at Uniko Studio which means you only have to spend £25 to get FREE Worldwide Shipping! It's only valid for today. 

I'm determined to be back tomorrow with another card, so until then, thank you for stopping by today & sorry for the longwinded talk! 


  1. This is lovely, I like the shimmer in between the colors :) congrats on ur new car :)

  2. The beanmobile looks fabulous Bev and hope all continues to go with the little beans. We need a picture of you :) Love your fabulous inky card.

  3. Very nice card the glitter sparkles its elements x

  4. You are in the 'land of busy' getting ready for the beans' arrival - and the new Beanmobile looks fabulous, as I'm sure the house renos are, too. I can just image the aura of excitement that fills your home! Your card (applauding the WPlus9 ink purchases!!) is another delight with the pretty colours and glitzy glimmers! Looking forward to what you share next AND your knitting creations, too! Hugs~c

  5. Glad all worked out with the new car...sometimes things happen on the right time... Your card is super! Great the sparkle between the colours! Hope you have a fun weekend, Gerrina

  6. Oh, I love how you added the glitter! Wonderful take on the sketch!


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