Monday, 7 September 2015



My apologies for it being so quiet on the blog last week, I had a busy week with family celebrations. It all started on Wednesday with the Beans 1st Birthday, that's not taking into account all the prep work I did before the BIG day! 

Here are my not so little beans...

We had a lovely family party with pizza, chips, homemade curry and of course CAKE! This is my first celebration cake, I had to snap a pic before the ears fell off!! I need some practice I think before the cakes get more complicated. My husband was a little disappointed in that I didn't make the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like he was expecting!

We then had another party for them on Saturday which their little friends came to, along with family again. This time we had an indoor BBQ as the weather was fine but too cold to be outdoors. It was still good fun. I made another cake but forgot to snap a photo of it before it got cut into. I kept it simple the second time with just cookie cutter Mickeys on top of white icing. 

This is a photo of me and the beans, they were a little tired by this point...

After both the parties, the baking and cooking my husband & I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary quietly! We did go round to his parents for a Sunday dinner so I didn't have to cook ;)

This is the card I made my husband...

It's hard to believe it was 2 years since we got married in Hawaii, though a lot has happened in those 2 years! I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

For my card I used Strike A Pose! paired with Flower Power #6, I wanted to frame a photo from our big day and choose an appropriate sentiment, the rose and leaves just finished it off nicely. 

Anyway, that is all I have to share with you today, I will be back tomorrow with more to share and fingers crossed later in the week too. I need to squeeze in a lot of crafting this week as we DO have the Uniko September Release. Though it is delayed slightly due to all the craziness of last week, I didn't want to rush it all and I wanted all of the DT to be able to join in too ;) 

Thank you for stopping by today & everyone who has sent the Beans birthday wishes.


  1. Happy Birthday, Beans! And Happy Anniversary, Bev! Your week sounds exhausting, but full of fun and love. :-)

  2. Those two little adorable beans are soooo cuteee!!! I love your card to Beverley... :)
    Suchi xx

  3. Oh my! Not babies any more! And I'm thinking they're looking just a little bit different from each other now. Beautiful photos Bev, you all look well, happy and thriving. Oh and I love the photo card too! xx

  4. Beautiful card!looks better than any glass frame ,I to have an anniversary baby ...well he is 19 now hee he x

  5. what a wonderful week and fab photos. Congrats on all fronts. I think your cake looks amazing! Tell hubby to make it himself next year!! Both you and the beans look so happy and what a fabulous card xx

  6. So many wonderful celebrations Bev. Love all the wonderful pictures!

  7. What a busy celebration period you've been having! How ever did it get to be 2nd anniversary or, indeed, the beans become mini people in what seems a short space of time..... I sometimes wish time would slow down a little so we could enjoy all the good times for longer (I'm happy to skip the bad times!)


  8. The beans are proper little boys now - and just so adorable. I love the cake you made. And the anniversary card is just fabulous. xxx

  9. What a lovely pair of beans. Looks like you had a fun party. Hugz

  10. Super cute beans! I think your cake is beautiful and so clever. I have no idea how to create a cake like that - it's fabulous. Love your card too Karen x

  11. Oh quickly time passes! Happy Birthday to your darling beans, Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Your celebrations, thought exhausting, sound absolutely fabulous! The Mickey Mouse theme: way toooo cute! Wishing your family a year filled blessings in every way, make and form! September release? Excited!

  12. Happy Birthdays and Happy Anniversary! Great card, lovely idea.
    Maybe hubby could make Mickey's clubhouse for the bean's 2nd birthday!
    Take care

  13. Congratulations one and all and thanks for sharing your gorgeous snaps xx

  14. Happy Birthday to your adorable little men, they are a delight! And Happy Hanniversary to you and your hubby!
    Your card is wondeful and very sweet, a precious gift to remember a special day!

  15. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. What a busy week. The boys look so big :) Thanks for sharing the pics.

  16. WOW 1 already cant believe it, they grow so fast mine will be 17 in October. Hope you all enjoyed the birthdays xx

  17. Congrats on the first Birthday of your great beans!
    And congrats on your anniversary!
    (we had our 15th last sunday...)
    Hope you had fun next to baking and taking care of all of the guests!
    Enjoy all that the boys do; they grow up so fast...
    Hugs, Gerrina

  18. Wow what a lot of celebrations. Your boys look full of fun! I'm impressed with your cake and to top it all it's a gorgeous anniversary card that you made! Congrats xxx

  19. What a brilliant celebratory week, Bev ... your not so little beans are so sweet ... lovely photo's, including that fabulous cake! Congratulations on your second anniverary ... beautiful card capturing the memory! Hugs, Anita :)


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