Sunday, 9 April 2017

Design Team Inspiration - Pocket Power

Hello, it's Jane here today with some ideas about using pockets on your cards.  Do you remember this card?

I suggested popping a gift card or note or money in the pocket as an Easter gift and went on to make two more versions to send to my two grandsons - using their favourite colours of course!


And that got me to thinking about other occasions when it might be fun to have a pocket to slip a little something into. And with all the craze for adult colouring going on at the moment I thought it would be a fabulous idea to include some pre-stamped cards for the recipient to colour in themselves.  This next card was created with that in mind.

The die cut mandela is inserted in the pocket uncoloured, but naturally I couldn't resist having a bit of a colour myself too - got to share the fun after all!


My next idea for using a pocket really harps back to my teaching days - seems you can never get rid of that teacher influence no matter how hard you try! It's a motivational pocket. 

I was thinking about a task that needs a bit of encouragement to complete and the three little splats on the removable strip could be coloured or a sticker added as success is achieved. When all the splats are coloured the large removeable splat could be worn as a sticker. I'm hoping this may work for a bit of potty training with my grandson.

Other educational uses that spring to mind are using the pocket to hold strips of coloured card to match with objects on a colour treasure hunt or adding strips of card with ideas for things to do on a rainy day- stamp in a puddle, watch the raindrops have a race down the window etc. or even holding flashcards of those tricky to learn to read words. I could go on for ever, but hope that's got your ideas flowing too.

 ExplosionAdditionsPP     ExplosionPP
I also think this pocket idea would be great for Father's Day or Mother's Day too, with maybe a list of tasks that would be done to accompany the flowers and gift - you know like doing the washing up, going to bingo with them, giving them a manicure, mowing the grass etc. etc.  I'm leaving you with that idea to ponder on.

Thanks for looking and keep crafting!

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  1. Jane, I love all of these beautiful cards! The purple one is my favorite--love the vivid detail!

  2. Brilliant makes them and wonderful inspiration too...Thank you!

  3. LOVE these Jane, so creative and inspiring. My FAVE has to be the Mandala card, LOVE the idea and the images work great. The colours are just FAB too. Hugs Bev x


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