Monday, 13 May 2019

DT-Inspiration with selfmade colourful Embossing Pasts

Hello, Wiebke here with a new DT-Inspiration Post.
Like always, I used stencils to create my cards.

Sometimes you wanna use colourful pasts? Great to stretch your supplies.
But it'll be expensive to buy all the digfferent colours you like. And to be honest: do you use Embossing Pastes as often as you would need to, to get all of the colours empty one day (befor they dry!)?

If NO - Make your own colourful pastes!
In exact the colours you want and the amount you need!

Here I used Gelatos from Faber Castell to put some rainbows on my papers.

The setting is similar: 
  • two Stencils: Seeing Stars & Mehndi Mandala
  • Dreamwaver Embossing Pastes in white and translucent
    additional Colours: Faber Castell Gelatos in Rainbow colours (you need just a bit of them, they are intense!)
  • different sentiments from Uniko

Mehndi Mandala
For these cards I coloured my Embossing Pastes with some small pieces of Gelatos. Mixed them well and added it on my papers.
  • Mix enough colour in every shade to work on two different stencils so you have to clean up only once for each colour. 
  • Don't mix several colours in one  time to avoid drying of the pasts.

You'll recieve different intense of coloures with the different pasts - white and translucent.
I took the combined photos for both Stencil Designs to show the difference!

Seeing Stars

Hope my cards gave you some inspiration for using your stencils in a bit different ways.
Have FUN crafting, trying and expering! 

Hugs Wiebke


  1. Great experiment, I did something similar some time back. Gorgeous cards, love the rainbow look. Love the photo of your card with reflection on the base.

  2. what a great idea - thanks for sharing:)

  3. I love your beautiful creation!


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