Thursday 23 April 2020

Uniko Studio Brand Ambassador Inspiration~Inspired by Bev...You're My Super Hero


Carol here, warmly welcoming you to my Uniko Brand Ambassador post.  I'll be frank: my creativity is running on empty, even though I'm still making cards. Essentially, I'm defaulting to what I do in missing-mojo situations: drawing inspiration from other designers.  Today, my muse is none other than our sweet Bev!

Currently, the crafting universe is virtually *exploding* with gratitude/thank you cards dedicated to all those who are risking their well-being to keep our world functioning through the pandemic. Be they front line medical personnel, grocery store/warehouse staff, truck drivers...we are surrounded by 'heroes' we want to acknowledge. To that end, I brought out one of my all-time favourite Uniko sets -  Explosion Additions - and pretty much 'cased' Bev's card here, re-visioning it for the current situation...

I followed Bev's recipe for the most part with slight (very very slight *grin*) changes to the original: sentiments stamped on the small Explosion dies and partial stamping, with a small solid explosion image, on The Stamp Market letters. 

I'm happy with my copy-cat version of Bev's card, especially since it really is easy to recreate; something I'll definitely be doing!

Below are a few of my previous 'non-copied' cards made with the Explosions line. I love it!

Hope my card - or should I say, Bev's card - offered you some inspiration of ways to use Explosions to recognize the heroes where you live.

Please: stay safe and keep creating...doing so is good for the soul!


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