Sunday, 3 June 2018

DT inspiration - Pure Florals coasters

Bonjour !

Izzy here. To start June month, I wanted to share with you what I've offered to my mother for Mother's day which was last Sunday.

A few years ago, I bought some coasters in ceramic that were waiting to be decorated. As I was looking for an idea for this special day, I wanted to try stamping on them and what better than the Pure Florals collection to do it !

 As the coasters have a porous texture, I had to use Memento Luxe ink to stamp the images, and I coloured them with Fabrico markers from Tsukineko . These two mediums, once dry do not blend with water, so that you can clean the coasters with a wet cloth when dirty.

For this coaster, I used the large outline rose of the Pure Florals : Rose set. As for a card, I used the masking technique on this coaster. I first stamp the rose, then with a post-it note I mask it to stamp the leaves and the bud. Then I coloured the image with two red (#114 &#156) Fabrico markers for the flowers, and two green (#110 & #167) markers for the leaves.

For this one, I used the gorgeous lily of the Pure Florals : Lily set. As I didn't want the outlines of the flowers to be too dark, for all the coasters, I used second generation stamping to stamp the images. I used the Memento Luxe Gray flannel ink. I coloured the Lily with (#106, 110, 134 & 161) Fabrico markers. 

Next is the beautiful chrysanthemum from the Pure Florals : Chrysanthemum set. I used the large outlined stamp. I think this one is my favourite since I succeeded to blend perfectly both colours. This ceramic absorbs very quickly the ink so that it is quite difficult to blend inks together and that's why it's hard to hide the markers lines. I coloured this one with (#111 & #132) Fabrico markers.

Of course I had to also make one with the stunning gerbera from the Pure Florals : Gerbera set. My mother loves flowers and except the lily, they have all these gorgeous flowers blooming in their garden. For this coaster, I used the two outlined stamps and I tried to make a gradient pink tone, the wide open one being clearer than the one we only see in profil. As I told you before, it's hard to perfectly blend the colours without lines marking. But I finally like the result. This one is coloured with ( #106, 115, 134, 161) Fabrico markers.

I love how they finally look all together, so I hope that Bev will design other Pure Florals flowers to make new ones for me ! 😉

I hope you get inspired with these coasters, I wanted to show you the versatility of the Uniko stamps which can be used also on other medium than cards. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous June month !

Izzy xx


  1. Beautiful coasters Izzy! Love the pure florals, what a stunning showcase xx

  2. So creative and absolutely stunning x

  3. Absolutely stunning and a delightful pressie Izzy! You're so clever. Just perfect pure florals! x

  4. These look stunning, and what a gorgeous gift xx


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