Saturday 19 February 2022

Uniko 10th birthday Celebrations - Quest 10 Close Ups


The final quest is here for you today. 

If you've completed some of the earlier quests you'll be good at recognising Uniko products. So today's close up quest should be a breeze! 

When you've identified all the products email your answers putting Close Ups in the subject line to

All correct answers will go into a draw to win a £16 stamp set of winner's choice.

If you've taken part in all ten quests let us know in your Close Ups answers email and you will put into a draw to win a £100 spend in the Uniko store.

If you've missed some of the quests here's links to them all:

You have until midnight UK time on 27th February to complete all the quests and email your answers to me.


  1. Thanks for another fun challenge!

  2. Another fun quest! I just sent my answers! Party on!

  3. This was fun! I have done all the quests! What a great way to celebrate!!!

  4. That's me completed all the ten quests and I have so enjoyed the fun. You've done such a lot of work getting all this organised Bev x. Crafty Hugs Mac x

  5. It's been a great celebration! I got all the quests completed... yay! It's been a lot of fun!


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