Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Brand Ambassador Inspiration - Foiling - failure or fancy project?

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Most of us crafters love a clean card as result of our crafting process. Even most of the things we buy as 'wonky' have clear and straight lines and we can work in a clean style with them.
What are we doing with shifted or slipped stamp or stencil impressions? With a bit of luck it is a small failure and we can put something on top to cover it or there is a part we can use from bigger impressions. But often such a failure is going directly into the trash.

Right now, there is a hype to foiling.
It looks so amazing, when you have details with this special kind of 'bling' on a card!
Sadly, the machines for this technique aren't cheap, the supplies you need in addition also cost their money... Until now I wasn't sure if I want spend as much for this technique as it would need.
I found some simple sheets of foil with an easy instruction to use. Just for a first try.
The instruction said, you simply have to add heat and a little bit of pressure and the foil will be transfered! Sounds simple, right?

For my very first try I planned to use a more simple shape without too many details.
I took the Christmas Pop Trio Stencil and used one of the trees.
Plastic Stencils and direct heat aren't a good combination, so I decided to use Embossing Ink and Heat'n'Stick Powder to fix the foil on my paper. This powder is used like Embossing Powder, but at the end you have a sticky area, not an embossed one. Perfect idea so far!

But then something went wrong!
I used my laminator to reheat the Heat'n'Stick Powder with the foil on top to optimize the transfer of the foil, waited a moment to cool it down and removed the sheet of foil - and there wasn't only foil in the areas of the tree, but also everywhere around!
I finally recognized right now the foil is covered with a temperature activated layer!

Next try with a second paper, another foil and the same technique, but with less heat in the laminator.
The result was a bit better, but still not what I expected!

Disappointed and also a bit angry about these failures, both sheets went to my paper-trash-box.
After a while I took them out again, cause the shimmer of the foil on the papers was so beautiful!
Maybe I can cut or punch out some embellishments?!
The longer they were laying on my table, the more I liked them!

At the end I used them both as they were!
One has exciting pattern around the tree so I let it, the other one I cut out close to the edge of the tree.
I added some metallic rivets as ornaments (to cover some small areas without foil) and a sentiment of the 'Simply Said Christmas' set with Heat Embossing on both cards. (This set is retired but you can add any Christmas Sentiment you love!)


What do you think? What's the solution - trash or create something fun & a bit fancy?

Have a creative day!

Greetings from Wiebke


  1. Honestly I find foiling so frustrating! It’s really hard to get the hang of and I’m confused how you are supposed to use your sheets if they already have adhesive! Anyway, your resulting cards are great and I’m glad you managed to use what you had initially binned. That’s very satisfying in itself! X

  2. I am steering clear of yet another expense... I am in great admiration of how you used your pieces in the end!!


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