Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Brand Ambassador Inspiration - Water Coloured Stencilled Christmas Trees

Good morning, Julie here with few festive ideas for quick Christmas makes using the Christmas Pop Trio stencil and the Christmas Pop stamp set.
I've rediscovered my love of water colour these past few weeks as the days shorten, temperatures drop and gardening is on the back burner. It's great to get lost in You Tube and then have a play!!
Here are three cards that started out as three outlines made using the open tree stencil.

In theses two examples, I traced the outline of the tree using the basic outline from the stencil without the trunk, one onto card the other onto watercolour paper. I wanted to see if the technique worked on card and it does! Can you pick out the w/c paper from the card? The one on the right is the one using w/c paper.

The answer here is to be prepared before you start painting. I used water colour paint but I could just as easily have used DIs or reinkers. I made up pools of three shades of green and then painted the outline triangle all over with plain clear water. YES you read correctly WATER! Not too much if you are using card though. 
Before it dried, I dropped drops of colour randomly in the triangle and let the water do it's thing. You don't do the mixing, the water does, no two will ever be the same. This is great for mass production as each one will be drying whilst you do the next! 
I could have stamped the pot from Pattern Building Christmas tree but used a pencil and ruler to draw mine. I filled in the shape as before first water then some red in a couple of shades. The painted panels were then left to completely dry.

When dry I needed to decorate them and decided to use the elements from Christmas Pop with gold embossing powder. To complete, I added stars from the same set and the first tree I stamped the sentiment from Christmas Sentiments in Jewelled Gold EP to match the tree.

For this last card I drew the triangle using the same stencil but this time placed Washi tape around the outline. I used a slightly textured card for this panel and the same pools of green from the other two cards. 

Starting with a pale green, water added to the strongest one, I painted across with size 6 watercolour brush in various thicknesses and angles. When dry I repeated using progressively darker greens, waiting for each layer to dry. Again this would work well for batch making. When dry and before removing the tape, I splattered some Inka Gold over the paint for a bit of festive sparkle. I hadn't used it for awhile and it was set solid in the pot but I broke a few bits into a dish and added some water to make a thin paste for splattering! The pot was done the same as before.
I didn't add a star this time but added the same Christmas Sentiments sentiment in plain gold EP.

So that's it from me, hope I've inspired you to get a little arty but still keeping the designs clean and simple!

Keep safe out there and happy crafting!


  1. Great set of cards Julie, lovely colours and marbling / painting. X

  2. What fun playing with watercolour paints and fabulous results

  3. Beautiful painting, thanks for the inspiration & differs techniques. I’ve recently acquired a small palette of paints and I’m loving using them. So much so that I’ve added a bigger paint palette to my Xmas list this year…
    Hope you have a good one. Love and hugs, Sue. 🫢🏼🌈


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