Saturday 15 June 2024

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Hello & Happy Weekend! 

Well, it's no surprise really, but summer is yet to be seen here in the UK. The weather as usual has been pretty dismal today and I was in need of some cheer. So I took a break from working on the new website and squeezed in a little creative time to make this card...

I used the Mid Century Modern Wreath Builder before for sun rays and I liked the results, so I decided to use it again. I stamped the solid wreath twice in Buttercup and then Honeycomb, moving the wreath slightly for the Honeycomb colour. I then used the outline wreath and stamped it in Clementine ink. 

With the Cloud 9 Stencil coming back in stock recently I decided it was high time I inked it up again too. This time I wanted to create a kind of sunrise/sunset sky, starting off with some light pink, melon and lilac shades before going darker with Fig and Honeysuckle. I then added Powder blue over the sun rays to blur out the white background. 

To finish my card I added the sunshine sentiment from Spring Botanicals Daffodil. I then decided to go a little bit mix media and added some Gansi Tambi Starry Colour splats! 

That's all from me today, if you have sunshine, please send it to the UK!! 

Crafty Hugs


  1. It's a so cheerful and beautiful card Bev, love so much the cloudy sky and it's brilliant how you used the Modern Wreath Builder!

  2. What a fun and sunshiny card, Bev - love it. No sunshine here until tomorrow, and as it is heading towards mid-winter here, it's not exactly warm...

  3. Lovely card Bev and let’s hope we see the real sun soon! X


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