Saturday, 19 December 2020

Countdown to Christmas Day 18 - All Wrapped Up!


Still playing catch up, haha! 

Yesterday, Friday was a better day stress level wise, but it was a busy one. The last day of school for The Beans, so it was a day of 'get as many jobs done as possible' kind of day! I tell you something, those 6 hours they're at school flies by. 

My main task was to get the final Christmas gifts wrapped up & Christmas cards written and in the mail to ensure they will arrive before Christmas Day.

Normally I don't make much of a fuss about wrapping paper selection or gift tags, but this year I have put a little more thought into it. This year I have 2 categories, gifts wrapped from Santa and gifts wrapped from mummy and daddy! 

First up is the wrapping & tag design for the gifts from Santa! 

This year I have gone for the classic brown paper wrapping. I love the simplicity of brown paper wrapping and it gives you endless options as to what you choose to embellish with. As you can see I have chosen red & white gingham ribbon to tie the package up. 

And it only seemed fitting to choose the Santa from the Jolly Santa clear stamp set for my tags. As I have a few tags to make for the gifts from Santa, I have kept the design simple and fairly easily mass produceable. I've coloured with Copic Markers and added glitter to his hat and coat trim.

Next is the wrapping & tag for gifts from mummy & daddy and used for other members of the family too. These will be placed under the tree before Christmas Eve. 

My wrap choice was simply a roll I had leftover from last year! For the tag I decided to use the Christmas tree from Jolly Santa as I often neglect this stamp. Again with a few tags to make I have kept the design nice and simple.

I've still some wrapping to do for both categories and have boxes stacked in my studio with everything inside waiting! Looks like hubby and I have a few late nights ahead as we like to build some of the gifts from Santa so they are ready to be played with and we don't have the stress of impatient Beans waiting Christmas morning. This year it is Lego again with the final additions to their Super Mario Lego and now Minecraft.

How about you? Are you all wrapped up for Christmas? Do you wrap with a theme or colour scheme? I'd love to know :)

I'll be back later this evening with todays Countdown to Christmas and then I am all caught up! 

Thanks for sticking with me, Crafty Hugs Bev x


  1. I love your wrapping choices! The gifts look fabulous! We live far away from all of our family, so I had to purchase, wrap and mail gifts early to make sure they get delivered by Christmas :) And fun to hear your boys like the Minecraft Lego sets. We don't have any children of our own, so for the past few years we've been participating in a local program to "adopt" a kiddo from our county for Christmas. This year we supported a 7 year old boy and he had "Minecraft Toys" on his wish list, so we bought him a couple of the Minecraft Lego sets. I hope he enjoys them!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I used brown paper for gift wrapping this year too. Very environmentally friendly.

    Glad your oven is sorted.

  3. Love your wrapping choices this year! Really cute tags!

  4. Your packaging ideas are inspirational! I love the ribbon and tags with the kraft. I've got almost everything wrapped now. I tend to stamp tags on sticky labels but I use ribbon on special presents :)
    Vicky x


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