Sunday, 20 December 2020

Countdown to Christmas Day 20 - Stencil Sunday

 Happy Sunday! 

Today was a much more relaxed day for me, it has been nice to go at a slower pace and enjoy some time with The Beans and my husband. 

I spent some time outside in the garage while The Beans had a play on their bikes. Our garage is a multi-function area. It is your usual storage of tools and bikes, but we have made it our home gym too. We have a treadmill, a cross-trainer and my husband has a weights bench in there and his pride and joy a full size pool (billiard) table!

Anyway, back at the end of Summer I spent an afternoon sorting and tidying a lovely workout area for my to do my home fitness programmes in and planned on getting some gym flooring to make it a little nicer and more appealing to do the floor work! 

Then my husbands boss passed away and my husband had the job of emptying (and storing) the works unit and it took up all the lovely space I had made. So today we spent time clearing and moving stuff into the loft area so that the flooring I have ordered has a space to be put down and a new piece of equipment mounted on the wall. 

As much as I find it easy to workout indoors, it is home fitness after all and I literally fall out of bed at 5:30, do a 5 min affirmation a bit of reading and then do my workout at 6am with an awesome group of ladies via zoom (my accountability / team), I keep the TV volume down and don't play music as to not to wake anyone! 

It's going to be pretty cold in the garage at 6am, but I am looking forward to being able to have the volume up a little, listen to music and not worry about waking anyone up! I am sure I will soon warm up as I do my workout.

As you might be able to tell and if you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed my sister account and how BIG a part of my life investing in my health & fitness has become. Not only have I seen a difference physically, it has helped me especially with my mental and emotional health post lockdown 1 and during lockdown 2. I'd hit a big time low in lockdown, being on furlough, not having time or being able to do Uniko, home schooling and all the rest took its toll on me and this came and has been my outlet of frustration which has led to enjoyment too!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, I didn't intend on 'sharing' so much! I even found some creative time this morning and it was lovely to find enjoyment in joining in on a challenge, something I haven't done for a while...

My card layout is from the current CAS(E) this Sketch! challenge HERE and seen below. It's been a while since I was inspired and had the time to look through some of my favourite challenge blogs. 

I decided to ink up the Christmas Folk Snowflake as I don't feel I have given it much love this festive season! 

It's another stencil that I am drawn to inking with red! And is it just me that uses WAY much more ribbon when making Christmas cards than any other time of year?! 

Another super simple & quick Christmas make from me today & I think I am almost done with Christmas cards, yay! I am just doing neighbour & local friends cards that I will deliver one evening this week. 

Okay, I best go and get these Beans to sleep! Their bedtime during the holidays gets later and later and this mummy is up early! 

I'll be back tomorrow with more to share. Until then, thank you for stopping by today.
Crafty Hugs Bev x


  1. Fascinating incite into your world Bev. Good luck doing your garage workouts.

    Smashing stencilled Christmas card.
    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. This is stunning! So sorry about your husband's boss. I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor so I LOVE that you are working out and keeping healthy!!!! We have been doing ZOOM fitness classes too! And I have a group of ladies that have been doing outdoor boot camp with me in EVERY temperature!!!

  3. I'm loving that folk stencil Bev! The ribbon looks gorgeous but no, I very rarely use ribbon on a card. Even bakers twine is a step too far for me mostly lol! Vicky x


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