Monday, 18 August 2014

'Getting to Know Me' Blog Hop

* This is my 3rd post of the day, the Uniko Studio Challenge #13 is HERE & the Surprise Bridal Shower for Ren-Yi HERE*

Hey Again!

WOW! Three posts in one day, it has to be a record for me! This post is a little different and you might want to get comfy before you read on!

A couple of weeks ago I was 'tagged' by the lovely Rebecca of Mellymoo Papercrafting and also Sarah from Sazzle Dazzle Crafts to see if I would take part in this 'Getting to Know Me' Blog Hop. I love things like this and was truly honoured to be 'tagged' by two people who find my creations inspiring, so I couldn't refuse! 

Both Rebecca and Sarah are truly talented and make wonderful creations, so be sure to stop by their blogs for a browse and be inspired. I have tagged some equally talented, enthusiastic and inspirational card makers / crafters at the end of the post, who would also love you to visit their space in blogland! 

Ok, so onto the questions & hopefully you will find it inspiring and you will 'get to know me' a little bit more!

1. What creative projects are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on a little series of blog posts called 'A Stamp Set a Day', for when I am in hospital giving birth to the 'lil beans and also for the first couple of weeks. It is also a good opportunity to take a fresh look at each of the Uniko Studio clear stamp sets and 'stretch' them a little further (inspired by my recent participation in the online card class 'Stretch Your Stamps 2). Here is a little snap shot of one of the sets I've been 'playing' with...

I am also always working on new stamp set designs and ideas for next years releases! Being limited with how mobile I am at the moment has given me lots of time to sit and design on the laptop :)

2. What inspires your designs?

I gain inspiration from a lot of places for my card designs...

Challenges: Followers of my blog here will know that I love to join in on challenges around blogland. Firstly they are fun and get you thinking and using supplies, colours or layouts you might not necessarily use without the challenge. It is also a way of being part of such a wonderful online community and making friends who share the same passion.

Pinterest: I LOVE Pinterest! You can see my Pinterest boards HERE. I pin all sorts of things from cards that inspire me, colour combinations to trends that appear in the crafting world as well as fashion and interiors.

Other bloggers: I first started blogging back in 2008 when my mum passed away, it was a form of escapism and card making was a passion I shared with my mum so I had a void that needed filling.

I started out being inspired by the wonderful people over at Hero Arts and particularly then Jennifer McGuire. I then became aware of other companies and became a fan of Papertrey Ink and was inspired by the designers like Nichole Heady, Dawn McVey and Maile Belles.

I could mention SO many other people who & have inspired me but I'm sure you'd get a little bored!

3. What method or process do you apply to each creative project and how long does each project take to complete?

I don't have a set method or process when creating cards. It varies as to whether I choose a colour combination, layout or stamp set to use first and then the other elements seem to fall into place. Though I wouldn't say that happens ALL the time! Like most people I get creative block and thats when I turn to challenges. Not all the cards I make end up on the blog as they don't always turn out the way I imagined them to be.

Time on each project varies too from 10 minutes to 60 minutes or more. Clean & Simple doesn't always imply quick! I tend to stay between 10 - 30 minutes, as I am always itching to get onto the next card. I don't seem to have the patience to sit and colour like I used too!

4. If you had to describe your 'signature' style what would it be?

My signature style now is definitely Clean & Simple (CAS), it can sometimes be clean and graphic too and very VERY occasionally I sometimes go out of my comfort zone and add a few more layers!

5. What three crafting tools/products can you not live without?

This is a tough one as like most crafters I have a lot of tools and supplies I use or stash away in the studio, though recently I have been ruthless and got rid of a lot of things that hadn't seen daylight for a year or more!

1. I'd have to say my Big Shot, I love it for all my die cutting.
2. Double sided tape, I use it for adhering everything!
3. My SU! Grid paper pad that I use on my work space. It not only gives me a cushioned area for stamping but also allows me to 'test' stamp and work out layouts and colours. Saving me from ruining precious card! 

And finally two more inspirational, enthusiastic and talented bloggers whom I have 'tagged' to follow on the 'Getting to Know Me' Blog Hop next Monday! It was a tough choice and there are loads of people I could have tagged, but I decided that I would go with a couple of wonderful, loyal and creative customers of Uniko Studio who inspire me...

Firstly Sarah from Funky Fossil Designs. I would describe Sarah's card making style as 'eclectic CAS as even the cards she makes with wonderful inked backgrounds or those with more elements are perfectly executed and edge on the CAS side.

Be sure to stop on by Sarah's BLOG and have a browse, you won't be disappointed :)

The second person who inspires me is Carol from Just Me: c, Carol is a happy enthusiastic paper crafter! She has a heart of gold and leaves the most uplifting and supportive comments on SO many blogs. Not only does Carol's friendliness and enthusiasm inspire me, but her creations do too...

I would describe Carol's card making style as 'eclectic CAS too as even the cards she makes with more elements, like this second card are perfectly executed and edge on the CAS side. Be sure to pop on by Carol's BLOG for more wonderful inspiration and an uplift of enthusiasm :)

I look forward to next Monday when I will 'Get to Know' these two wonderful paper crafters a little more :)

You'll be glad to know that this is all from me today!! I will be back tomorrow however with the August Release Day Blog Hop WINNER and a card, until then, thank you for stopping by today!


  1. Hi Beverly, really enjoyed having a little read about your crafting process- thanks for joining in!! Rebecca x

  2. A fantastic read Beverley and loved getting to know you and your crafty process better. Thanks for the mention. Sarah xx

  3. fab to get to know you better and I am looking forward to your stamp a day! And 2 wonderful crafters for us to get know next week xx

  4. Loved learning more about you Bev. Can't wait to see your stamp a day series!

  5. Such detail! Really enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you.

  6. A fabulous 'get to know you' post, Bev - and incredibly delighted, honoured and excited to be one of your sources of inspiration. Thank you so much for you sweet introduction (and for giving a definition to my 'style' *grin*). Looking forward to writing my post for next week! Your stamp-a-day series: sooooo excited to see what you'll be sharing. Those peeks are intriguing...

  7. Loved reading your post, Bev and looking forward to your stamp a day series! I am so flattered that you have tagged me - need to start on my post :) I am definitely going to embrace your definition of my style as 'eclectic CAS' - I like it! I look forward to getting to know Carol a bit more too.

  8. Great to read a little bit more about how and what with ypu and creating! Allways nice to get to know someone better on a crafty level! Hugs, Gerrina


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